It’s National Dog Day in the USA

A few years ago when my Pomeranian was getting an ocular implant, that is an artificial lens because she has cataracts and glaucoma, I wrote this song and created this music video in honor of National Dog day.

Listen to our acoustic duo, Molly and Sonny Boy, (James and Amy Zents) as we sing a short homemade ditty in honor of  “National dog day” on YouTube here.

Our pet canines bring us continual joy, day in and day out.

They don’t tell you fibs that bring you down, and they don’t make you false promises, and then don’t deliver.

Dogs ought to be celebrated every single day of the year!🙂

Good Philly, Bad Philly

Today I was thinking about cities in the US.

I went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the first time last year. Philadelphia is quite the city. 

It has a densely populated downtown, with the voice of history decorating Liberty Square and its surrounding historical attractions.

I had a chance to see some monumental historical sites including the Liberty Bell and Independence Square.

I enjoyed seeing some reenactments of the decisive and divisive issue of the American colonies separation from Great Britain in 1776, and the events that led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Nevertheless, I also had my smartphone, a brand-new one, stolen.

One middle-aged woman I encountered in the downtown area, decided that I should buy her breakfast, when I walked into a food market across the street from our convention Hotel.

I didn’t know what to think. I was sort of shocked at her chutzpah.

There was quite an array of folk at the food market. Some representing poverty and others representing extreme wealth.

So that is what cities do. It collects the best of society and the worst. It collects the finest and the fairest, the poorest and the barest.

I feel more circumspect about Philadelphia now that I got my smartphone replaced.

Even still, I had to divorce from my mobile provider for actually activating my stolen smartphone and giving the thief mobile service, after I had reported to them that my new smartphone was stolen.

You would love Philadelphia if you love American history. And if you love large beautiful hotels, fine live entertainment, and delicious food served in beautiful restaurants, go to Philadelphia with lots of money. Otherwise, you may see things that make you sad. 

Many cities have the same things that Philadelphia has: poverty, crime and corruption. I guess that’s people for you. The division between rich and poor?

It’s everywhere.

Free advice paid for by someone else

Canada switched to the metric system while I was a kid still living in Toronto.

There were big efforts pushed to help people understand the centimeter, the millimeter and the hectare.

The rest of the world smiled indulgently whilst Canadians struggled to jump on the metric bandwagon. 

America just shrugged its shoulders and continued to buy cheaper gas by the gallon, drinking pints and quarts of booze and ice cream shakes.

All kidding aside, it seems our culture is fascinated by all forms of self-improvement in print and on the screen.

Nevertheless, obesity, addictions, embezzlements and domestic violence still stick around.

Answers are out there. Solutions are given freely in schools, magazines, talk shows, and anywhere you look online for scientific and sincere answers.

The problem comes with application. Time to get off the pot. People start making changes when they decide to.

It’s not that hard, but it requires effort, belief, and consistency.

As Nike says, Just do it!

Glut of Emails Go Away!

Today I cleaned out my work email box. 

There are no emails in there right now. 

What a relief!

I’m sure it won’t last very long. 

But it sure feels good right now.

There is much I need to relay to my spam folder.

I remember way back when,

when getting an e-mail was a thrill.

Now getting emails is a pill, 

unless it’s for a special reason, 

like a flight confirmation 

for a far away destination, 

I’m heading to, 

for a vacation! 😀

Universal Sport

People often complain that they can’t make room for exercise. That is nonsense.
All you have to do is step outside and see your gym. There are hills to climb, there are places to walk or run to, and of course there are all the other opportunities for motion with a bicycle, homemade gym, or even housework.

Since I am a prognosticator of future events, I believe that in this 21st century, it is even more vital that we work on being thin and fit.

New inventions are making life more exciting for those who can engage with their environment on a physical level.

I don’t say hand-gliding, or bodysuit-flying is for me, but one would feel much better going down a zipline or going down a waterslide or riding on a brand new amusement ride if one is thin and fit.

Sadly, that is not in the range of many people today.

So the question has been raised, who rules your body? Take charge and don’t let your lack of self-control ruin your life. You deserve the best, and that means taking care of your body.

I thought I saw my future self walk by the window of my radio station the other day. I told my sister my destiny could be one of two things. Either a women of 82 who is trim, with great posture, and a sprint in her step, or else one of those morbidly obese in the Tom Kruse Hoveround, going through the till at the grocery store, clutching a bag of chips and soda pop, unable to walk.

Since I do not want the latter, and I pray and hope and daily work towards the former, I think about tomorrow, but I focus on this moment. I chronicle everything I eat, and I wear my fitness watch that tracks my heart rate, my steps and my sleeping.

We all have dreams, but the time is now to wake up and act, to make our dreams come true!

Some memories are useless

I remember I used to work at a coffee shop.

I used to love to drink my coffee in a large tall mug such as the one pictured above.

Today as I sip my fragrant hazelnut coffee out of a long, tall mug, it takes me back to my college years.

There were happy times and there were sad times, but coffee time was always a good time!

During my college years I was disconnected from popular culture. I did not watch TV or go to movies. I was in a little bubble of music all my own.

There was a fellow I met who looked like Brad Pitt. I did not know who Brad Pitt was. What to me looked like a German fellow, turned out to be the spitting image of a movie icon, the likes other women drooled over.

I just liked him because he was also a very musical fellow, an international traveler, and good at computer science. Plus, I needed a place to crash since I lived out of town. Eventually we parted ways, he was leaving the country and moving away. Plus, he was a bit of a religious nut. But, he was a nice guy albeit too much of a neatnik! 

When I think of this coffee mug it reminds me of the past. 
In spite of this bout of nostalgia, I feel the things worth remembering are the things that are of practical value, such as experience.

Nevertheless, you can’t walk through an antique store without seeing things that remind you of your childhood. They may not be important, but they’re fun to revisit now and then.

Savor the Beauty of Flowers and Life

So many times the sight of flowers makes me stop and soak in the happiness.

Lately, it seems I have been in sync with time.

It seems there have been pockets of time where I am finally fully present, unrushed and thoroughly in the moment.

Life hasn’t always been this way, especially for me.  I am happy when I notice these small episodes. I am glad when time does not hasten by so quickly. When time seems to travel too fast it makes me me feel anxious and upset. When you can live at your own pace you can feel relaxed, and not harassed.

It’s wonderful to know one can be mindful and present, and savor the joy of living. 

Perhaps I’ve learned how to schedule better plans for enough room in my life to live, instead of overbooking every second.